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Setting your goal

Knowing what you eventually want to do with your pot of money - your goal - is good. It motivates you and helps you see what it’s going to take to fulfil your aims. But whatever your financial goal, committing to a long-term investment plan can help you reach it.

Regulated advice, not just guidance

Some investment platforms leave it to you to choose an investment. We do things differently. Knowing your goals and your other key details, we’ll advise you on the most suitable investment plan. As part of this we will provide you with a personal suitability report, outlining our recommendation to you.

Getting on course, staying on course

Every now and then, your investment may encounter financial headwinds. Because we monitor your investment constantly, we’ll know if that happens. And knowing your goal we’ll advise you what needs doing to help get your plan back on track.

An adviser that never sleeps

If changes need making to your investment, our chatbot is always accessible and will advise you what the best options are. However, if you have questions about your account or an administrative query, our customer service team will be delighted to help.

Find out what your investments could be worth

Whether you want to invest monthly or start with an initial lump sum, use our calculator to see what your investment could be worth over time.

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We're different

Although other investment platforms provide options and choices, many only offer ‘guidance’. So, the final and most difficult decision - choosing the most appropriate investment - is left to you. That doesn’t happen at Munnypot, because we’re qualified to advise you on which of the options is the most suitable for you. Furthermore, we’ll give you a personal investment suitability report which explains the reasons behinds our recommendation.


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On hand to help

All our investment advice is digital and provided via our chatbot. We've removed the jargon and made every step as simple as possible. But we understand that sometimes you just want to talk to a human. Whilst our customer services team do not provide investment advice, they are on hand to help with any queries you may have.

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How we keep your money safe

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Under the FSCS scheme, your Munnypot investments may be eligible for compensation of up to £85,000 per person.

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