About the Munnypot General Investment Account (GIA)

A General Investment Account allows you to invest without any limits. Unlike an ISA there’s no limit on how much you can invest each year, but you will pay income tax and capital gains tax on any profit your investment makes. You should know we will always automatically maximise your ISA allowance before investing your money in a GIA. This is due to the tax benefits of an ISA. So, if you have only utilised some of your ISA allowance for the current tax year we will automatically maximise your allowance first then we will roll over anything exceeding the £20,000 annual limit into a GIA for you.

How does the Munnypot GIA work?

The same way as we set up any investment plan. It all starts with your goal. Knowing your goal, our chatbot will ask you some questions to be fully informed when selecting the most suitable investment plan for you. Your answers will tell us whether it’s best to invest your money into an ISA, a GIA or both. Once we’ve considered the most tax-efficient investment for you, we will give you a personal suitability report, which outlines all the important information you need to know before going ahead with your investment plan.

You can leave it to us to look after your investment

Our systems watch over your investment for as long as you invest with us. So, if your investment ever needs your attention, we’ll let you know. But we don’t stop there. We’ll advise you what action you need to take to help get your investment back on track.

That might involve changing your investment time frame, making a one-off payment, increasing your monthly contributions, or a combination of all three. If you accept our advice, we’ll make the changes for you without delay. And then we’ll pick up where we left off and continue checking your investment’s progress, day in, day out, year in, year out.

In other words, by keeping on top of your investment, we help keep it on track for you.

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