Because our service a) doesn’t involve face to face meetings, b) is completely automated and c) uses passive tracker funds, you can enjoy real value for money investing.

Advice fee

Just the one (which can be as little as £5) for setting up your Munnypot account. This covers the advice you received to set up your personal investment plan as well as your suitability report.

Ongoing monthly cost

This monthly fee is simply for the monitoring of your investment plan, administration of the platform and management of the fund.

Maximise your annual allowance for a yearly fee of 0.58%. The fees you are charged vary depending on the amount you invest. To find your exact fees use the investment calculator.


Monitoring fee
As the name suggests, this is the monthly fee that Munnypot charges for monitoring, tracking and managing your investments.

Platform admin fee
This fee covers administration of your investment and is charged at 0.11% per year.

Investment fund fee
This is the fee charged by the fund manager (Vanguard) for managing investments on your behalf. The fee you are charged is calculated as a percentage of your investment. A fee of 0.15% is charged for the lowest risk fund, whereas a fee of 0.22% is charged for the other funds.


What your investment costs

When you invest with us, two different businesses are involved in the investment of your money: Munnypot and Vanguard Asset Management Limited. We provide the investment platform and any investment advice you may need. Vanguard provides the five funds in which your money is invested.

The maximum initial contribution in your Munnypot investment is £3m. The maximum monthly investment is £3k.

To see a comprehensive illustration of all charges for 3 scenarios, click below:

Scenario 1 - £20,000 investment over 10 years – click here

Scenario 2 - £1,000 invested monthly for 7.5 years – click here

Scenario 3 - £10,000 initial investment and £500 monthly for 20 years and 1 month – click here


Note: during the registration process we will provide you with a personalised illustration.

Why it costs money to invest

Just like all other businesses, any firm that manages peoples’ money has expenses and overheads. And as strange as it sounds, looking after money, costs money! So, the person whose money it is, has to pay (in the form of fees and charges) for the services he or she receives. Usually, the charges are deducted directly from the money the firm is managing or holding on the client’s behalf, but not always.

What you get for your money

Our systems watch over your investment for as long as you invest with us. So, if it ever looks like your investment is not on track to meet your goal, we’ll let you know by sending you an email notification. But we don’t stop there. We’ll advise you what your options are to help get your pot back on track. That might involve changing your investment time frame, making a one-off payment, increasing your monthly contributions, or a combination of all three. If you accept our advice, we’ll make the changes for you without delay. And then we’ll pick up where we left off and continue checking your investment’s progress, day in, day out. In other words, by keeping on top of your investment, we help keep it on track for you. As far as we can tell, no other comparable investment provider will do that for you.

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